About Firemelon

Who are Firemelon

Firemelon has successfully been developing systems for the insurance industry for over two decades.

We have helped to drive a total transformation of the travel insurance market over that time with a significant proportion of both policy sales and claims being processed through Magenta. The industry has changed from travel agency and high street broker business to growth through call centre sales and online distribution. More recently in the UK there has been a focus on aggregator business and part of our solution is to integrate and work closely with those comparison sites. Medical screening has evolved from over the phone, or no screening at all, to seamless online medical screening utilising complex rules behind the scenes.

Our client needs have changed over that time too, gone are the days of yearly product or pricing changes. Businesses we work with are now striving for a competitive edge utilising our system to facilitate that with flexibility and instant product changes.

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What we do?

Initially founded to support the UK market; our solution has found its home throughout the world including Europe, South Africa, USA and Canada. Our Magenta Insurance System is used by over 30 different insurers, brokers, claims handling companies and assistance companies.

We have a team of over 30 developers, support analysts, quality assurance technicians, relationship managers, and infrastructure experts. Couple that with external compliance, legal and regulatory resources and you’ll find a team that are committed to providing our clients with a quality yet cost effective solution to meet their needs.

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Meet the Team

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  • Management
  • Developers
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  • UX / UI Design
  • Relationship Managers
  • QA Team
David Corney David Corney

David Corney


Zena Carter Zena Carter

Zena Carter

Managing Director

Vicky Gaffeny Vicky Gaffeny

Vicky Gaffney

Finance Director

John McAree John McAree

John McAree


Niall Johnston Niall Johnston

Niall Johnston

Head of Product

Ryan Spence Ryan Spence

Ryan Spence

Senior Relationship Manager

Louise Hanna Louise Hanna

Louise Hanna

HR/Office Manager

Barry Cully Barry Cully

Barry Cully

Lead Developer

Ryan Carlin Ryan Carlin

Ryan Carlin

Lead Developer

Kyle Spence Kyle Spence

Kyle Spence

Lead Developer

Roy Fitzpatrick Roy Fitzpatrick

Roy Fitzpatrick

Service Delivery Manager

Paul Egan Paul Egan

Paul Egan

Lead Tester

Simon Brazil Simon Brazil

Simon Brazil

Senior UX / UI Front end Developer

Rich Busby Rich Busby

Rich Busby


Ram Sunderam Ram Sunderam

Ram Sunderam


Dermot Curran Dermot Curran

Dermot Curran


Paddy McCann Paddy McCann

Paddy McCann


Mark Daly Mark Daly

Mark Daly

Dev/Ops Engineer

Jim Altimas Jim Altimas

Jim Altimas


Lewis Tipping Lewis Tipping

Lewis Tipping


James Coffey James Coffey

James Coffey


Phoebe McBride Phoebe McBride

Phoebe McBride


Steven Alexander Steven Alexander

Steven Alexander


Carina Milnes Carina Milnes

Carina Milnes

Relationship Manager

Claire Lindsay Claire Lindsay

Claire Lindsay

Relationship Manager

Kieran Corrigan Kieran Corrigan

Kieran Corrigan


Chris Lavery Chris Lavery

Chris Lavery


Wendy Li Wendy Li

Wendy Li

Support Analyst

Robyn Doherty Robyn Doherty

Robyn Doherty

Support Analyst

Colin Breakey Colin Breakey

Colin Breakey

Support Analyst